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Authentic Living with Sophie-Ann

Self-exploration, personal development & self-care

No lights, no talking, awake but sad. This described me lying in bed for hours on end. What happened to get me in that zone? Most times, nothing that I could pinpoint. I struggled with severe depression since a teenager and by the time I was an adult, I hid the signs well.

I dedicated my whole being to work, neglected self-care and eventually was faced with resentment. The experience was devastating. My search for happiness left a bad taste of disappointment in my mouth. Once I embarked on my authentic living journey, I was able to put things into perspective and now share strategies that others can benefit from.

Authentic Living events aim to build healthy habits for the adults in the family so that they can model the behaviors for the youths in the family. During Authentic Living events, we engage in group activities, take personal assessments, share strategies which promote discovery and even re-discovery of core values, personal goals and self-care preferences.

An Authentic Living with Sophie-Ann event is held quarterly and is sure to start you on your journey to becoming a Better – Happier You! To be notified of upcoming events subscribe to my email list today. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Authentic Living

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